Power Monkey Portable Charger

Power Monkey portable charger

The Power Monkey Charger is one of the great green chargers out there.

If you are the one whom they call as the gizmo-traveler, then you may be needing something that can recharge your gadgets whenever you needed them. One sure way to do that is by availing one of the best gadgets in town. It’s called the Power Monkey Portable Charger.

The cool thing about this charger is that it can resupply power to a wide range of gadgets. From mobile phones, iPods, cameras to PSPs. Name it, the Power Monkey can recharge it. In addition, this gadget itself needs no charging because it is powered by the sun. Of course, you all know how we like green gizmos.

Okay, here’s something that you may love the most. If you are talking of mobile phones, it can recharge almost any brand that you know of. For digital devices, name whatever gadget you know, it can surely provide some long-lasting power to it.

Now, here are the specs for this gizmo. It has a 2200 mAh battery, a DC input and output interface of 3.5 x 1.1 millimeters, and an input voltage of about 5 volts of over 600mA. Additionally, it has an output voltage of about 4.5 to 5.5 volts.

It weighs at about 83 grams and its dimensions are 90 millimeters x 45 millimeters x 38 millimeters. It comes in black and grey colors. It also has two solar panels that can be folded and has an output of 5 volts of about 200 mA. The panels have dimensions of 110 x 70 x 10 millimeters and weighs at about 82 grams.

The Power Monkey Portable Charger is available online in www.windtrap.co.uk for about $79. You can even purchase this at www.amazon.com.

Image source: www.windtrap.co.uk

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