PosiMotion G-Fi Mobile

PosiMotion GPS Wi-Fi Router

There are a lot of Wi-Fi routers now available in the market, this one takes it another step further. The PosiMotion G-Fi is considered as the world’s first GPS Wi-Fi network router. Is that a cool thing or what?

The main selling point of PosiMotion G-Fi is that it adds GPS features along with its main function as a Wi-Fi network router. The G-Fi offers to add GPS functionality to most Wi-Fi enabled gadget you may have. This means that you may be able to get GPS information from G-Fi and send that information into your Wi-Fi enabled mobile phone, desktop or laptop, whichever takes your fancy.

The G-Fi is small enough to bring along with you. Weighing about 3 ounces with a size that make it look as big as most portable gadgets, the G-Fi supports Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g connectivity with a 100 feet range. It is capable of delivering data to several devices at a time. This gadget can be yours for $179 at http://www.g-fi.com/

Image Source: G-Fi

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