Portapow USB Power Monitor

PortaPow USB Power MonitorFor people with several gadgets on hand, power is always important and essential. Knowing how much power a device charger generates to charge devices is sometimes the only thing that some people need to make sure they get the power efficiency up to par. But monitoring the power generated is not always available in most gadgets. To ensure that you have this information when needed, you can always use the Portapow USB Power Monitor.

The Portapow USB Power Monitor is a handy device for people who like to get as much power output as they can. This multi-meter device can keep track of current and voltage traveling through the USB socket and into the device you are charging. The Portapow acts as both a handy voltmeter and an amp meter. The device displays the volt and amp output readings on a small readable display.

The Portapow USB Power Monitor is a useful device for people who like to monitor generated power for their gadgets. This device is especially useful for solar panels or solar chargers with a USB port as the charging point. In being able to take volt and electric current readings, you only need to connect the device to a USB port of a solar charger. The Portapow will provide the readings as way to make the solar panel even more efficient in generating power. Setting up the solar panel to a certain position and getting the volt and current readings for it will allow users to try some adjustments to improve the readings. Positioning the solar panel better will generate more power, thereby becoming more power efficient. The Portapow USB Power Monitor is available at Amazon for US$19.

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