Portable Stereo Squealers

Stereo Squealers

If your choices for gadgets border on the fun and the cool side of things, then Stereo Squealers may just be one gadget worth looking at. This fun portable speaker set can be connected to a wide range of multimedia devices.

A 3.5 mm head phone socket allows the Stereo Squealers to be conveniently connected into PC’s and laptops as well as in most mp3 players.

The Stereo Squealers portable speakers provide 1.6 watts of speaker power each, thanks to 4 AAA batteries. It is good sound quality and performance for such a small set of portable speakers.

But there are other portable speakers that also offer such good quality sound performance you say. But the Stereo Squealers are unique in a different sense. Where do you see speakers shaped as pigs?

Like we said, it is a unique and fun speaker to have. It might even be appealing to add that volume control is located in one of the pig’s tails. It’s a cool gadget to have for those who like to have fun gadgets like pig speakers.

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