The Portable Smartphone Photo Printer

The Portable Smartphone Photo PrinterSmartphones and tablets have largely taken the place of digital cameras as a common way of taking pictures. It is about the convenience that these portable devices offer that led to the change. But while this is true, there are still a lot of people who prefer digital cameras for the better quality pictures they offer. But probably one thing that using these devices has led to is the decreasing rate of having physical copies of these photos.

A majority of the photos and images we now see today are only stored in flash drives and can be found online on social networks and image sites. But there seems to be a lack of printed copies since most people may find it a hassle to process. Maybe by introducing some added level of convenience, people will consider printing their pictures more. That is why there are now devices like the Portable Smartphone Photo Printer available.

The Portable Smartphone Photo Printer is a convenient device for people looking for the option of printing their digital images. It has also scaled down to size to make it more handy and portable. It is pocket-sized and connects wirelessly to your portable Android or iOS device with a digital camera. It can then print your photos into a patented 2-inch by 3 1/3-inch photo paper. The Portable Smartphone Photo Printer prints them at 290 dpi. Resulting printed photographs are fingerprint-proof, waterproof, and does not fade with time.

The Portable Smartphone Photo Printer can print up to 10 pictures on a full charge. You can then fully recharge it again via USB in just 1.5 hours. The Portable Smartphone Photo Printer includes 10 sheets of photo paper to start you off with your photo printing. The Portable Smartphone Photo Printer is available at Hammacher Schlemmer for $160.

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