Portable Fireplace from Shulte Design

Schulte Design Introduces FIREBO-X: Portable Fireplace   q

Heat is never more "in demand" than during the winter season. And with the winter chill still in the air, most of us are probably wishing that we can stay in front of the fireplace where it’s nice and warm and cozy.

And thanks to Schultze Design, our wish is pretty much a reality right now.

Firebo-X is a portable fireplace designed for both indoor and outdoor use. When not in use, Firebo-X looks just like a simple box due to its sleek and compact design. Inside however, is a shiny stainless steel burner that creates a pleasantly snug fire. The cover or hood also doubles as a reflector once you put it up, making the fire look even more romantic. It comes with a low board and a matching rack.

Aside from its portability and sleek design, Firebo-X is also very eco-friendly. It uses liquid bio-ethanol that leaves no residues. Thus, aside from being romantic and cozy, Firebo-X’s fire is clean.

Storage is not a problem as well, since the box is only about 2 ft. long.

The Firebo-X is really an ingenious creation. It’s perfect for small condos or houses. It livens up any room and make a lovely centerpiece for parties. Take it outside to keep warm during a moonlit cuddle.

The creators of this really swell gadget don’t seem to have a definite price yet for it, but whatever the cost, well, it’s one item that will sure make your place a trendy hot-spot.  

Image source: Schulte Design

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