Portable Attack DVR Personal Protection Device

Going outside your home can put you at certain personal risk, especially at night. It pays to have a personal alarm system handy that may help deter unwanted felons from harming or endangering you. Having a device such as this Portable Attack DVR for protection can help provide you some peace of mind.

The Attack DVR is actually a digital video recorder that is designed to look like a typical pepper spray. It can be used to record video of potential attackers that will serve to identify them in case they get away. As a personal protection device, the Attack DVR also emits a 90 decibel noise when used that would rattle potential attackers as well as a blinding LED light that would temporarily blind them to give you a chance to get out of harm’s way. Small enough to carry in your pocket or attached to a keychain, the Attack DVR is available at Amazon for US$97.

Image Source: Amazon

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