Portable Apple Shaped Speakers

Apple shaped speakers

When aesthetics comes to play, then this innovative product from China can position in the upper tier among other laptop speakers.

These "apple-shaped speakers" are original and hip and could give other designer speakers that are popping out of the market run for their money. These speakers can easily be carried around everywhere and can be placed inside a handbag, work in your favor while traveling. It is also available in red and green colors.

These foldable portable speakers are perfect as a travel accessory and can be plugged via the USB port of a laptop (and can easily be connected to any computers without any problems) and can be widely used for MP3 players, walkman, CD and DVD players. Aside from the USB port, it can also be charged through its DC and adapters.

It should be minded though that the speakers are not connected with the APPLE Company and can hardly compete with speakers accompanied by the iPod. It’s greatest asset lies on its design and shape while there is a big question with its sound quality and durability. Its price is relatively cheaper than other high-end speakers and any middle class consumer can afford this.

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