Porsche Sagem P9522

Porsche Sagem P9522

Stylish people demand stylish gadgets. So welcome Porsche’s unique Sagem P9522. Porsche and the French company Sagem really get along when it comes to classy high-end mobile phones. After the elegant P9521, Porsche and Sagem once again have decided to introduce yet another jewel, P9522. With aluminum chassis and candy bar type, this new mobile device is tailor-made exclusively for those who just love to flaunt their phones.

The Sagem P9522 has a certain looks and style that will really make your eyes magnetized to it. One of the most notable features of this device is the Porsche font accompanied by a very classy Porsche design. The phone has a 2.8-inch touchscreen, which is made of reinforced mineral glass. This means that the display will not crack. Ever.

The Sagem P9522 has a 5 MP camera and a very neat built-in fingerprint reader. The phone also comes with a built-in GPS receiver, Wi-Fi connectivity, and a microSD card slot to satisfy your extra memory needs. The handset looks somewhat basic in terms of technology and there is no 3G. Maybe the stylish Porsche brand could alone get Sagem P9522 selling like hotcakes. If you are up for branded and ultra-posh cell phones, get ready to sneeze up a whooping $875 by October this year.

Image Source: telefonino.net

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