Poppy Turns iPhones into 3D Cameras

Do you know YouTube now supports 3D video? It would be cool to make one, but a 3D camera would be really expensive, right? A couple of Seattle-based entrepreneurs has come up with a Kickstarter project that would incorporate a simple, inexpensive 3D camera right into your iPhone. At first glance, Poppy looks like that View-Master you used to play as a kid. Simply twist open the mirrors and you can record videos in 3D.

Aligning Poppy’s front mirrors with the iPhone camera enables the contraption to combine the right-eye and left-eye streams into a single three-dimensional video, which can be viewed through YouTube, a 3D-enabled TV set, or a compatible iOS app.

Videos recorded using Poppy can be viewed from various apps, including Vine, Snapseed, and Instagram. The device’s creators have also developed its own dedicated iOS, that saves videos and still images in iPhone’s camera roll and can upload the 3D clips on YouTube.

Poppy works with iPhone 4 or later, as well as the fifth-gen iPod touch. However, you need to pry your phone out of its cutesy case so that it fits into the viewer. The 3D camera works without any need for batteries, it only works through the magic of optics and your iPhone’s camera.

The attachment not only works as a camera. Poppy can also be used as a 3D video viewer, especially on YouTube. You see, the video-sharing service has many 3D viewing options, either by using the red-blue glasses or crossing your eyes. This contraption certainly makes it less straining to the eyes.

The project has since reached its $40,000 funding goal with 29 days to spare. Backers can pledge for their very own Poppy for as low as $49. Now, all the creators need to worry about is their stretch goals.

Source: Kickstarter, via PC Magazine

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