Poppy 3D Transforms Your iPhone Into A 3D Camera And Viewer

Poppy 3Dhttp://www.gadget.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Poppy-3D.jpgTechnology has come a long way in giving people devices that can offer convenience as well as a different experience. New consumer gadgets have gone to offer something different to make them stand out. Other gadgets stand out in and by itself. Then again, some gadgets provide existing devices with added functionality. One such device is the new Poppy 3D.

The new Poppy 3D is a unique device that can be a great partner to your iPhone. It transforms your phone into a 3D camera and photo viewer. With this device you can view photos taken by your iPhone in 3D. It also gives you a new perspective in taking photos using the Poppy 3D.

What is interesting with the Poppy 3D is that it is not powered or run by batteries and intricate circuitry. The device simply uses the science of optics and perfectly set mirrors and lenses to help you view your photos in 3D. Just place your iPhone into the slot in the Poppy 3D. You then use a downloaded free iPhone app as a companion to this unique retro-looking device. The app, along with the Poppy 3D allows your iPhone to take photos and even video in two slightly different perspectives. View the two slightly different images into the Poppy 3D and your brain starts to process the images and merge them into a single 3D picture you eventually see. It is a unique way to see your world in 3D, just with your iPhone and the Poppy 3D. It is available at Firebox for 50 UK Pounds or around $82.

Image Source: Firebox

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