Pop Art Toaster

Having to start your day with a breakfast of coffee and toast seems to be quite common. After all, having the same daily routine can become quite boring after some time. Even simple changes can easily bring some breath of fresh air to some dull routine. When it comes to breakfast, this Pop Art Toaster might help inject some unique touch to your daily toast for breakfast.

The Pop Art Toaster provides you with a way to inject some art into your toast. It features several burn templates that can be installed into the toaster to inject some humor into your day. You can have a toast that says “Bite Me” or one that says, “Ugh”. Or you might prefer having some funny face imprinted on your toast, that is also possible. The Pop Art Toaster comes with a 50’s inspired toaster design along with easily removable art templates. This bread toaster also comes with a handy coffee warming plate to boot. The Pop Art toaster is available at ThinkGeek for US$45.

Image Source: ThinkGeek

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