Polymer Vision Readius: Foldable Display Phone

Phone with fordable display

Let’s take a peek into the latest project of Netherlands’ Polymer Vision: the first cellphone to offer a special roll up, 5-inch display screen for reading your favorite websites, e-mails and SMS. This device which they named, "Readius" has a screen which can be folded when you’re not using it, making it more compact. It will be available in the market soon.

The Readius’ special feature, a screen considered huge in the world of cellphones, has an electronic paper feeling. It displays text and images in black-and-white (16 grayscales) that look almost like they have been printed on paper. It weighs 115 grams and measures 115 millimeters by 57 mm by 21 mm when closed

The new device will function as a tri-band phone with a high-speed mobile wireless connection. It uses the HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access) 3G services favored by European, Asian and some U.S. operators. The 3G cell phone network offers ultra-fast data speeds, similar to WiFi for laptops.

Readius can also play MP3s and audio books. It has eight "SimpleTouch" buttons, and a keyboard may be added to future models. The battery life is up to six times longer than on other cell phones, offering 30 hours of continuous reading.

However, this gadget won’t pass through without some issues. The non-user-replaceable battery can be a liability in the future.. There are no onboard earpiece and microphone available and this means that if you want to actually use this as a cell phone, you’ll need to hook up a wired or Bluetooth headset. The screen doesn’t refresh fast enough either, which means watching video can be a daunting experience.

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