Polyera Wove Band

Polyera Wove BandWearable technology is slowly getting at the forefront with the introduction of several products that aim to change the way people look at devices and gadgets that they can wear. For many people, wearable tech for now seems to be limited into what they can wear on their wrist. While there are now other unique ways wearable tech can be used, developers are focusing on making that next high tech watch, bracelet and the like. After all, this seems to be the oldest and the most common form of wearable technology. And with the Polyera Wove Band, it may just become even better.

Polyera recently announced the release of its Wove Band, the world’s first flexible wearable display. This band features a display that can be both flat as well as can wrap around a wrist. This is made possible with the use of Polyera Digital Fabric Technology as well as by E-Ink flexible electronic film. This combination will allow for a low-power flexible display that is both larger and always-on while consuming less power than the displays found in most smartwatches today. Polyera will open submissions for free developer units to a select group of artists and developers who can think up of unique and creative applications for this new type of wearable display.  The first units will be shipping in December. Who knows, you may have the Wove Band comfortable in your wrist not long after that.

Image Source: Polyera

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