The Polaroid Pop Instant Digital Camera

Taking pictures is one of the common habits that technology has been able to influence nowadays. The availability of the smartphones with cameras has made it more convenient for people to take pictures anytime, anywhere. But one thing that smartphone cameras are not able to provide printed copies of the captured photos. The new Polaroid Pop Instant Digital Camera aims to provide the solution for those who still would like printed photos for their captured moments.

The Polaroid Pop Instant Digital Camera is just one of the more exciting products that Polaroid is offering to try and be relevant in the market. While Polaroid was once a market leader with their cameras that provide instant photos, digital technology somehow caused their slide. But now, Polaroid has embraced the same technology and revived their market for cameras that create instant photos. The Polaroid Pop Instant Digital Camera is proof of this.

The new Polaroid Pop Instant Digital Camera acts like any conventional digital camera but comes with a built-in printer that allows users to print 3.5” x 4.25” full color photos of their digital shots. The camera makes use of the revolutionary ink-free Zero Ink Printing technology developed by ZINK. The printer makes use of heat to activate and colorize embedded dye crystals in the special photo paper that the camera uses. The result is a quality and long lasting photo prints in just under a minute.

Not only that, the instant digital camera also comes with different tools. They will help users improve or enhance the photos before they are printed. There are creative filters and digital stickers to give added effects. A draw feature allows users to take advantage of personalizing photos. These tools will help make the photos come out better.

The Polaroid Pop can also connect to another device via WiFi or Bluetooth allowing smooth sharing of images between devices for printing. The Polaroid Pop instant digital camera comes with a 20MP megapixel sensor and can also take 1080p Full HD videos. The camera also comes with a microSD slot to accommodate up to 128GB of storage. A 3.97-inch touch screen display allows navigating through the camera’s menu and framing the shots. The Polaroid Pop Instant Digital Camera is available at Amazon for around $200. Additional 10-piece photo paper for prints is available for around $10.

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