Polaroid iD820 1080p HD Camcorder

When it comes to camcorders, savvy gadget lovers would not bother checking out a device if it is not in HD. With the advancement in HD technology, almost all newer camcorders that matter now come in HD, both in recording and playback. In the case of the new Polaroid iD820 1080p HD Camcorder, not only is the 1080p HD feature a given, its slim design also makes it something worth checking out.

For those who might think that Polaroid might be making a comeback with a series of new devices being launched, people might need to know that these new devices are designed under the name Polaroid as a result of a licensing agreement. The new Polaroid iD820 1080p HD Camcorder is no different. It is a partnership between Polaroid and consumer electronics maker Sakar International. Polaroid lends its name to this new HD quality camcorder that is being marketed as the world’s thinnest and lightest 1080p HD camcorder around.

The Polaroid iD820 1080p HD Camcorder features a slim body that is just half an inch wide and weighs less than 4 oz. But that slim profile houses a 3-inch 16:9 gesture touch screen and a 12MP sensor. Despite its small size, it features a dual-stream recording capability that allows it to record video in 1080p HD quality and YouTube quality simultaneously. It comes with an SD card slot, HDMI port, and a lithium ion battery for long lasting video recording times. The Polaroid iD820 1080p HD Camcorder is now available at selected retailers for US$180.

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