Polaroid GL10 Instant Mobile Printer Near Shipping

Back at CES, Polaroid unveiled two gadgets with the help of Lady Gaga: the GL30 camera and the GL10 printer that can be connected to a computer and smartphone and produces 3-by- full-color prints in less than a minute. We have yet to see when the GL30 will become available, but the printer is definitely nearing its shipping date.

The Polaroid Grey Label GL10 instant mobile printer provides the convenience of digital images while keeping with the original Polaroid instant experience. This 15-ounce printer connects to smartphones by Bluetooth and from most digital cameras, PCs, and Macs with a USB cable. It produces prints without the need of ink cartridges or ribbons, thanks to its Zink ink-free technology.

The printer costs US$169 and can now be pre-ordered. According to Polaroid’s online store, this gadget will be shipped in June.

Source: CrunchGear

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