Pokemon Go Plus Allows Players To Play Game Sans Phone

pokemon-go-plusNintendo’s new mobile game Pokemon Go has become so wildly popular all over the world. Its gameplay that integrates augmented reality features makes it quite a fascinating game to play. People are quite fascinated with it that people play the game, moving around unaware that they may already be at risk of accidents. In fact, there are many reports of people getting into different accidents while playing Pokemon Go. That is why Nintendo is addressing this problem by introducing the Pokemon Go Plus, which allows players to play the game even without the phone.

What Is It?

The Pokemon Go Plus is a wearable device that allows you to play the game without constantly focusing at your smartphone’s display screen, the main reason why many players get into different kinds of accidents. This device can connect to your smartphone via low energy Bluetooth to notify players of certain events in the game happening nearby. It can alert users with LED and vibrations in case ther eis an appearance of a Pokemon nearby. Once a Pokemon is close by, players can press the button on the Pokemon Go Plus to throw a Poke Ball. The device will flash and vibrate when you are successful in capturing the Pokemon. The device will also alert you of any Poke Stop where you can retrieve items to be added to your inventory.
The Pokemon Go Plus is an ideal accessory for those who are quite addicted to playing the game and trying to capture all the Pokemons they can find wherever they are. At least with using this wearable device, players can avoid getting into accidents be becoming more aware of their surroundings as the move around and not put all their focus into the game. The Pokemon Go Plus is now available this month, although it may still be a challenge to find one online. But the accessory is expected to cost around $35 once you get hold of it.
Image Source: GameStop

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