Pogoplug Safeplug: Keep your web browsing anonymous

Pogoplug Safeplug

Pogoplug Safeplug

It is tough to remain private these days, especially if you are online most of the time. Everytime you visit a website, it records your IP address (a unique number sequence that identifies your computer on the Internet) which can easily identify where you live or your current physical location. This information is at risk of getting hacked and sold to unscrupulous parties that could put you and your family at risk.

The Pogoplug Safeplug keeps your online identity hidden. It connects to most Internet routers and uses Tor connection to hide all web requests that pass through. You can also join the Tor anonymity network to help protect other’s information if you prefer.

Take note that this gadget works well when browsing at home, either using your desktop or mobile device, as the bulkiness of the Pogoplug Safeplug may not be ideal to bring it along with you anywhere.

The Pogoplug Safeplug is available online for $49 plus shipping. If you prefer low-cost anonymous web browsing, just switch your browser into anonymous mode.

Source: Engadget

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