PogoCam, World’s Smallest Attachable Camera

pogocamDigital cameras have become more portable over the years. People no longer have to bring along bulky devices whenever they go. There are now digital cameras that are small enough to put into one’s pocket. And there are cameras like the PogoCam that users can attach to any type of eyewear.

The PogoCam is the latest in wearable technology that will surely be of interest to people who wish to enjoy the convenience of hassle-free capture of images and video. Weighing only the equivalent of a couple of dimes, the PogoCam from PogoTec is certainly small. It is even considered as the world’s smallest attachable camera. It attaches to a wide range of eyewear magnetically using PogoTrack Technology. Instead of being integrated into a single type of eyewear, the PogoCam will allow users to choose from several types of eyewear to attach this portable camera into.

Despite its size, the PogoCam is capable of capturing over 100 still photos and two minutes of continuous 720p HD video. Its 5MP sensor is capable of taking smartphone quality photos. Using it will not be a distraction to users when it is attached to a favorite eyewear, thanks to its portable size. Users no longer need to look into the viewfinder like other conventional cameras just to shoot photos. This will allow those who use the PogoCam to focus on the experience or the view instead of focusing on taking a great shot. Captured photos or video can be transferred either by wired connection or via Bluetooth. Charging its battery to full capacity can take just as little as 30 minutes. The new PogoCam will be getting its first introduction into the mass market at the 2017 CES on January of next year. It is to be formally available in the market sometime in March. The PogoCam is expected to cost around $129.

Image Source: PogoTec

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