Pod A Porter Neckband For iPod Shuffle

Having the iPod Shuffle to bring along while jogging or just going for a walk can help brighten your mood by listening to your favorite tunes. But then, it can sometimes be a hassle knowing that you still have to carry it in your hands or place it in your pockets when you use it. But there are other unique solutions that can let you use your handy iPod Shuffle in a more convenient way.

The Pod A Porter Neckband can be quite a unique option when you come out and bring along your iPod Shuffle with you. It is a special neckband that connects yo your iPod Shuffle and fitted with its own earphones. By attaching your iPod Shuffle on to the Pod A Porter and wearing it on your neck, it becomes less of a hassle going around with your iPod worn this way. And even so, the design of the Pod A Porter is such that it can even become quite a cool fashion accessory that you wear. This unique neckband for the iPod Shuffle is designed by Michiel Cornelissen and is available at Shapeways for US$27.

Image Source: Shapeways

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