PocketStrings portable practice guitar

PocketStrings portable guitar practice tool

PocketStrings portable guitar practice tool

Learning how to strum the guitar is the easy part, but it gets a bit harder once you get to learn the many chords and scales needed to strum in tune. Most aspiring guitar players practice the chords using the actual guitar, which may be inconveninent if you are practicing in public.

Enter PocketStrings, a portable guitar practice tool that lets you learn guitar chords and scales without disturbing others. This nifty device slides open to reveal actual guitar strings strapped on a simulated guitar neck made of customized wood, frets and all.


It also has a raised strum pad to simulate strumming, featuring molded plastic in place of strings so you won’t feel embarrassed about strumming out of tune. PocketStrings actually feels like you are playing a six-string ukulele. Once you are done, simply slide the neck back and keep it in your pocket as if nothing happened.

Its portabilily allows you to practice your chords anywhere you go, even in places where silence is treasured like libraries. Ideal for both beginners to expert guitar players who just want to sharpen their skills even without their trusted axe.

The PocketStrings portable practice guitar tool is available online for $29.95.

Source: PocketStrings.com

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