PocketCell Duo Simultaneously Charges iPhone and iPad

The CES is not just about the big companies showing off their bigger TVs and smaller phones, but also about the little guys who deserve attention. Once such example is Innergie, makers of power accessories for iOS devices. They previously introduced a Magic Cable Trio power cable that comes with a micro-USB, a mini-USB, and a 30-pin connector all in one. This time, Innergie introduces on CES 2013 a very powerful charger.

The PocketCell Duo is a portable battery pack with a whopping 6,800mAh of stored power. It carries more juice that the heavy-duty battery packs available today. This device is so powerful, it can power up an iPhone 5 four times or get a fourth-gen iPad to about half of its total battery life. In fact, you can actually charge your iPhone and iPad at the same time with the PocketCell Duo, which also works with Android devices, thanks to its two USB 2.1 ports.

The PocketCell Duo also comes with Innergie’s Magic Cable Trio. For those with the newest Apple devices that come with the Lightning connector, Innergie will also provide a compatible tip.

Source: TechCrunch

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