Pocket Iron

Have you ever experienced having to go on a meeting with your office wear crumpled and untidy? This is usually a no-no especially if you wish to please your boss. Untidiness at the office may be a possible reason why you did not receive that promotion. Taking care of how one looks in front of the mirror is a daily ritual for many people at the office, especially for those who want to look tidy and immaculate always in front of the boss. But how do you tidy up those crumpled and wrinkled areas of your clothes whenever you find them? How can you remove those unsightly creases when the need arises? This Pocket Iron from Japan may be your last resort when ironing is the only option available.

The Pocket Iron is a handy portable wrinkle-removing device that you can always bring along with you, even at the office.  It comes in a compact design that fits in your own pocket. You can use it to remove wrinkles in clothes by clipping the affected area in between its heating element. You then close the device and run it along the length of the area you want to straighten out.

The Pocket Iron comes with a heating element that heats up to 95 degrees in about 1 to 3 minutes. You can then move it through wrinkles in your dress or shirt to straighten it up. It is powered by three AA batteries and comes with an AC adapter for a standard power outlet to plug it into. This Pocket Iron is handy especially for traveling businessmen going on business trips. This will ensure that they always have a Pocket Iron handy to keep them looking tidy always when going to important meetings. The Pocket Iron is available at Japanese retailer ESupply for 980 Japanese Yen or around US$10.

Image Source: ESupply

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