Pocket Digital Photo Frame

Digital picture frames make it easier for people to browse pictures and albums in JPEG formats. But most of the models available are those that are used as tabletop features. Its a good thing that there is the Pocket Digital Photo Frame that women can now bring along with them instead of simply leaving them atop a table.

The Pocket Digital Photo Frame is a great gadget to store your favorite pictures in and bring it along with you. It is shaped similar to a women’s make up compact, complete with its own mirror hidden alongside the digital photo display. This device has its own software that copies, converts and re-sizes images from a computer. It can display images in JPEG, GIF and BMP formats.

Aside from a photo frame feature, the device also has other functions added such as a digital and analog clock, a calendar and a stopwatch. The Pocket Digital Photo Frame is a perfect means to bring along your digital pictures with you that you can share to anyone at any time. It is available at Chinavasion for US$7.52..

Image Source: Chinavasion

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