Pocket Climber iOS Game App

Endless running game apps have become quite popular among mobile gamers. Games such as Temple Run gave this genre the popularity it needs for other similar game apps to flood the game app market. Others simply follow the same type of gameplay which do not usually make them that appealing to most mobile gamers. Some, like the new Pocket Climber iOS game app gives this genre a new twist to make it somewhat interesting.

The new Pocket Climber iOS game app is an endless climbing game app where players climb a somewhat endless stretch of a skyscraper to collect coins. However, there are obstacles to face such as angry tenants throwing items from windows and other moving blocks.

Players swipe at the touch screen to slide right or left and keep the climber going. The game obstacles are randomly generated making the game fresh and different every time players try to play it. There are also other items that players can buy using collected coins. These items help make things easier for players during the climb. The Pocket Climber iOS game app is available at the App Store for free download.

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