PLX Kiwi Fuel Saving Device

PLX kiwi

With the surging price of fuel, motorists are now doing anything they can to save a little gasoline. A tiny device called the PLX Kiwi works on the philosophy that you can save fuel and money if you change your driving habits. On the surface, it looks like a GPS, only it does not give you directions. Instead, this training device is designed to track your fuel consumption. It also rates you based on how "green" you’re driving style is, from 0 to 100. From this information, PLX Kiwi shows you how to become a more fuel-efficient driver.

Designed to help you increase fuel economy, the PLX Kiwi also allows you to check OBDII engine warning codes. From here, you can see a LED display that will show you how to save on gas (up to 20%). While its squishy buttons raise some eyebrows, its display looks nice and it is easy to operate. The one plug approach to set-up is good. However, it requires calibration, which can be a chore, depending on the type of your vehicle. If your vehicle has the requisite sensors, the device performs as advertised. But if your vehicle has a trip computer, some of PLX Kiwi’s features will be redundant.

Although the PLX Kiwi is a good training device for a more efficient driving, it will not miraculously improve your fuel economy. In addition, many consumers would prefer to see this device as one of the features on their GPS, instead of a separate device itself. It costs £299, or about $563.

Image Source: Kiwi 

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