PLX Kiwi Bluetooth makes smartphones spot car problems

PLX Kiwi Bluetooth

PLX Kiwi Bluetooth

While all drivers know how to maneuver their vehicles, not a lot of us would be able to pinpoint why our cars do not work well. Oftentimes, we learn our car’s problems from the mechanic, but you do not know for sure if the vehicle is really as bad as he claims to be. As you know, some mechanics prey on the driver’s lack of engine knowledge, charging extra for non-existing problems or over charging for tasks that could have been solved in a cheaper manner.

The PLX Kiwi Bluetooth and your smartphone can help solve that situation. The main device is plugged into your car’s OBDII port, located just below the steering wheel, and it sends information to a compatible car diagnostics app so you could monitor a bunch of real-time stats about your car. These recommended apps include Dash Command, Torque, Enerfy, OBD Autodoctor, OBD Droidscan Pro, DragFX, and alOBD ScanGenPro, all of which are available on Google Play Store.

For car owners with iPhones, sad to say the PLX Kiwi Bluetooth does not work with iOS. However, they can download ScanXL for PC as an alternative, wherein you can access your car’s engine status through desktop. You can check your car’s fuel efficiency, engine trouble, gauges, horsepower, and torque among others.

PLX Kiwi Bluetooth car diagnostics tool

The device also comes with a 6-foot OBDII cable and a power switch, so you simply place the Kiwi Bluetooth on your dashboard and just turn it on when needed. This gadget works with any vehicle manufactured in 1996 or later, from sedans to trucks, from SUVs to hybrids.

In case you spot a problem in your car’s diagnostics, simply bring your ride to the mechanic with a complete knowledge of the problem. No need to worry about so-called “unicorn charges”.

The PLX Kiwi Bluetooth car diagnostics and performance kit is available online for $100. The manufacturer even throws in a Halloween special price of $80, lower than what third-party retailers offer, for good measure.

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