Plustek BookReader V100

plustek bookreader v100

As if reading is not an enjoyable in itself, here is a way where you can take this pastime a step further. How about converting a book into an audio file that you can load into your portable player and listen to it instead of reading it? Well, at least that is what will happen if in case you have the Plustek BookReader V100.

This unique gadget is designed to look like a small photocopier. In a sense, that is what it does, but with a certain twist. The BookReader V100 allows copies of your book and converts them into mp3 files.

Aside from having books copied in txt or pdf format, the V100 can convert your book into an mp3 or wav file, thanks to its unique character recognition technology that not only recognizes scanned copies of books, but also can recognize text and convert them into audio using natural voice synthesis to read it out for you.

The Plustek V100 BookReader is a unique gadget, but there are some things that might be worth considering. Wouldn’t the gadget be used to make audio copies of bestseller books and sell them for profit? Now wouldn’t that be considered as piracy at some point?

Although it may still be the user’s responsibility, doing copies of books for personal use may be okay. But making audio copies of it and sell them may be another. Nevertheless, the BookReader may be a unique gadget to have. If you have some $700 to spare, then it might just be yours to enjoy.

Image Source: Plustek

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