Plume Adaptive WiFi System For Better Home Coverage

Most homes today are pretty much connected online. Thanks, to WiFi networks in the home, the family can now stay online using their portable devices almost anywhere around the home. Almost. Despite the wider range of coverage that WiFi networks provide, there can still be certain blind spots in the home where the signals cannot reach. It is a bit frustrating that technology has been slow in trying to address this pressing issue. But now there are alternatives coming out in the market to help extend better WiFi coverage such as through the new Plume Adaptive WiFi System.

What Is It?

The Plume Adaptive WiFi System allows users to create a mesh network in their home for better WiFi coverage. Instead of using a single router to serve the WiFi needs of the household, this system makes use of Plume Pods that serve as mini-routers placed on strategic points of the home. With each pod acting as a mini-router, it can transmit a WiFi signal where family members can connect to in order to stay online. And with multiple pods scattered around the house, the system is able to create a better WiFi coverage and eliminate the usual blind spots found in typical home WiFi networks that uses a single router.

The Plume Adaptive WiFi System does more than just create a mesh network. As a system, it can also improve the WiFi experience by being able to adapt to how the household uses the network. It can determine what area in the home tries to use the system the most and work to distribute signal strength and connection into that particular area. The Plume Adaptive WiFi System can also set priorities as to what devices require most of the bandwidth and provide the connection where it matters, ensuring that users always stay connected and enjoy the WiFi speeds they expect. The system is connected via cloud and can monitor the system to ensure that the network load is always balanced between users without sacrificing performance.

The system is composed of six Plume Pods that can create a mesh network to cover for a three-bedroom home. They are now available for pre-order at the Plume website for a price of $234. Additional pods can also be pre-ordered for $39 each, which will go up to $49 once the device becomes available in the market after the first orders are shipped sometime in the last quarter od this year.

Image Source: Plume

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