Plug, Your Personal Cloud Storage Device

Plug personal cloud storage device

Plug personal cloud storage deviceThe love affair people have for portable devices have been going on for some time now. The more advanced and powerful they become, the more indispensable they become as part of daily life. But with the trend for multiple devices ever increasing, there is always this problem about synching all data and file from one device to another. People trying to make files and other data from a computer available for a smartphone or tablet still need to go through a process of file transfers and synchronizations. The process has become a bit more convenient than before. However, having to deal with different devices containing different files and content continues to be a hassle. A new file management alternative has recently been offered with a device called the Plug.

The Plug is a unique device that allows you to create your very own cloud storage system at home. This device connects to your home Internet and to any external storage device via USB. The Plug then acts as the brain that allows you to manage your file and provide access to all for your portable devices. It is a simple as connecting the Plug into your home Internet along with an available flash drive or external hard disk. You then simply download and install the Plug app into all your portable devices such as smartphone, laptop or tablet. You will then be able to access all the content of the common memory that you have installed at home.

The Plug provides you the means to have all your files stored into a common memory that all of your devices can access conveniently. There is no more need to synchronize your different devices every time you add them up. With Plug, all your devices work as a team, sharing all the content such as pictures, videos, music, documents and other files all in one place. It is a convenient alternative to file management when you are talking about multiple devices. The Plug is currently seeking funds on Kickstarter. It seems that it has been quite successful, considering that it has exceeded its funding target with still several weeks to go. The device currently pre-orders for US$69 on Kickstarter. But the availability may soon be gone. The next best thing will be to get it at retail for around US$150 after the Kickstarter campaign. The first devices will ship around December this year.

Image Source: Kickstarter

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