Pleo Dinosaur

Pleo Dinosaur

For those looking for more technological advanced toys, a robotic pet may come in handy. And if you wish to have one that combines both the past and the present, then you may want to have a Pleo Dinosaur for your own pleasure. Not only that, this type of pet is equipped with its own artificial intelligence.

Yes, the Pleo Dinosaur is an animatronics dinosaur that is designed after a baby Camarasaurus. Quite cute and cuddly when you look at it, what is more interesting about the Pleo Dinosaur is that it is a pet robot that has its own artificial intelligence. This allows your robot pet dinosaur to learn things along the way. It also has its own complex sensory system under its green skin that allows it to react to different sensory inputs from its owner.  It can also develop its own "personality" based on how its owner treats it. It is quite an interesting pet to have at home. Availability is currently on hold since its previous maker, Ugobe, has recently been acquired by Jetta Industries.

Image Source: Pleoworld

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