PlayStation Phone: Real or Fake?

Days ago, Engadget reveal a set of photos about what they claim is an upcoming device called the PlayStation Phone. Reactions vary from excitement to doubt to outright cries of “fake!” Engadget, however, insists that it is the real deal, tracing back to its first report about the device in August.

According to their sources, the handheld device is codenamed “Zeus” and is said to be running on Android 2.X, although Engadget believes that it will be using Android 3.0 upon shipping. The further explained that the image displays a prototype running on early software, which they say explains the A and B buttons on the screen, using hand-built hardware.

And if people still doubt about its authenticity, Engadget even stated that they have a clean record in regards to showing never-before-seen images of yet-to-be-announced gadgets such as the Nexus One, the Dell Venue Pro, MacBook Air, the iPad, and the iPhone 4.

But what do you think? Is the PlayStation Phone real or fake?

Source: Engadget

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