PlayStation Network Now Allows Online Game Saves

playstation 3Sony‘s PlayStation Plus subscribers are now allowed to save their games online. This new service comes after players download the v3.60 of the PS3 firmware, which is expected to be released today, March 10.

Members are allowed to save up to 150MB of PlayStation 3 game progress data, or up to 1000 data files per account, in Sony’s make.believe cloud. Although the storage may sound too small, it is certainly enough for such files.

The advantage of storing PS3 games online is that players can simply log in the account details into any PS3 console around the world and they can continue playing their favorite games as if they are at home.

To save the game online, players would have to open the “Save Data Utility” menu of the selected game, choose the save data, open the Options menu to select Copy, and choose “Online Storage” to send the save data to the cloud.

To retrieve a saved game data online, open the “Online Storage” menu from “Save Data Utility,” choose the save data, open the Options menu and select Copy.

PlayStation Plus is available for a yearly subscription of US$49.99 or a 3-month option for $17.99.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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