PlayStation Move Launch Revealed

What you have been waiting to hear is now hear: Sony has just announced details regarding the price and availability of the PlayStation Move.

The complete PlayStation Move Sports Champions bundle comes with a PlayStation Eye and a Move motion controller for only US$99.99, while the Move controller alone could cost you $49.99, and the optional navigation controller is priced at $29.99. If at this day and age you still do not have a PS3, fret not because you can buy a new PlayStation 3 console together with the PlayStation Move bundle for $399.99.

Folks over in Europe will have a first taste of the Move as it hits the shelves September 15. Meanwhile, the rest of the world (except Japan) do not have to wait too long because it arrives here on September 19. The Land of the Rising Sun gets their share of the Move come October 21.

Source: Engadget

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