Playing Guitar Hero on Your Nintendo DS

Guitar hero nintendo DS

Nintendo DS has since become known for delivering quirky games that are enjoyable for the casual video gamer, and its version of the cult console hit Guitar Hero is no exception. Popular gaming site Video Games Zone has provided a first look on the much-anticipated "Guitar Hero on Tour", dropping jaws and widening eyes in the process-mainly because on how you would play it.

Guitar Hero on Tour included an aptly-named Guitar Grip, a peripheral consisting of four buttons (instead of the usual five) that is easily fitted in the GBA slot. Users hold the DS upright (much like how you play "Hotel Dusk") with your left hand and tap the buttons using your finger. The right hand, meanwhile, is used to plucking the strings located on the touchscreen using a pick that is also included in the game package.

Playing the game is much like the console version: you perform perfect note-strings, gain multipliers, gain and use star power, and feel "cool" in the process.  The screens also show a working tremolo, but how it works is still a mystery. Now, if only we don’t have to wait for Summer 2008.

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