Playbutton Lets You Wear What You Listen

Some people would like to brag the songs they listen in their iPods or other MP3 players by turning up the volume of their earphones way loud for others to listen. Who cares if other people find it rude? Who cares that it defeats the purpose of having earphones? However, if you really want to show off how cool your musical preference is without having to drive the people around you insane, why not wear it?

A design concept called Playbutton is now set to go on retail in February 2011. It features a button that also works as an MP3 player that contains tracks from a full album. You can even plug in your own earphones. However, there is no way users can get the music off of it and it does not have a shuffle button either, “forcing” users to listen to the tracks the way they are arranged in the album. The bragging part comes in the form of artworks displayed on the button to let people know what artist or music genre you are into.

The Playbutton could cost as much as US$30 each, but that price could change depending on how much the artists want to charge it.

Source: Engadget

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