Playawave Bluetooth Speaker

Playawave Bluetooth SpeakerThere seems to be a portable gadget that many people cannot do without nowadays. They have their smartphone or tablet that they just cannot let go whenever they venture outside of the home. Some people also cannot function well without their portable media player armed with all their favorite songs and even movies. Some cannot even get out of bed without their trusty headphones around their neck. And for people who loves to party or simply share their collection of music to friends or other people within earshot, then this Playawave Bluetooth Speaker may just become one of those indispensible gadgets people think they need.

The Playawave Bluetooth Speaker is a perfect companion for people who always like to surround themselves with music. It is like they like their life to be in a musical. Their favorite songs should always be blaring in the background, providing a musical backdrop that will always makes them feel good wherever they go. And the Playawave Bluetooth Speaker can do that by wirelessly streaming songs from one’s music player and then convert it into crisp and clear audio via a speaker that offers 7 watts RMS output power. It is ideal for the outdoors since it comes with a splash-proof enclosure that can also protect the speaker from dust and accidental impacts. This makes the Playawave Bluetooth Speaker a good companion for the music-loving guy or gal when going outdoors this summer. The Playawave Bluetooth Speaker also comes with a built-in microphone that makes it do double duty as a hands-free speakerphone to receive calls when connected to a user’s smartphone. This bluetooth speaker also comes with a rechargeable battery that provides up to 6 hours of power when full. The chic retro look of the Playawave Bluetooth Speaker may also be something worth considering. The Playawave Bluetooth Speaker is expected to be available in the market sometime in mid-August and will cost at around 60 Euros or around $66.

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