Plastic Logic Introduces PaperTab, The Flexible Tablet

While tablets are considered popular in their current version today, their evolution into future devices continues. Not only are tablets becoming slimmer and thinner, they are also becoming more flexible. This can be further illustrated by the introduction of the PaperTab from Plastic Logic.

The PaperTap is a tablet concept that features a thin and flexible display screen that can bend and still function. The PaperTab can act as a digital sheet of paper but comes with tablet functions. Some of the functions are integrated into how users flex the PaperTab. Particular bends of the flexible tab can be connected to a certain function, making this futuristic tablet work without the need of buttons and keys.

But what makes the 10.7-inch PaperTab unique and interesting is how it is designed to interact with other PaperTabs, such as sharing files and inbox messages depending on each of the tablet’s location and their contents. The current PapetTab prototypes are available with E-ink displays. But color displays are expected to be available anytime soon, with the technology able to come up with commercial products from within five to ten years, or even earlier.

Image Source: Plastic Logic

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