Plasma Screen for Your Mobile

Mobile TV offerings are very much in demand these days. In fact, Panasonic Corporation through AbleComm announced their intention in producing mobile phones with plasma screen for a better quality of viewing in the recent event held by CTIA last April. It was said that the miniature plasma will give the subscribers and potential subscribers of Mobile TV better viewing experience the Panasonic plasma is said to be of greater quality than LCD and OLED screens.

"Many of our new phones will have vibrant color plasma screens that can run on just 1.5 volts and won’t require any additional wiring or special power supplies. We’ll be able to put plasma in cell phones, business phones, consumer phones, corded phones, cordless phones, and even door intercom monitors and fax machines. We will revolutionize the consumer electronics business, as Panasonic has done many times before." – Michael Balsama, group manager of Panasonic’s Communication Systems Division.

The idea is rather amusing. For the moment, it seems like a plasma on a 2.4 inch mobile screen is not an idea everybody can be excited with for we can already enjoy the plasma quality of viewing on the big screen. Hence, there is really nothing new it but the size. Nevertheless, it was said that Panasonic is yet improving the Plasma technology and no one can really tell what is yet to come with our technology especially at this age.

However, on the 3rd of April 2008 PRNewswire announced that AbleComm, Inc. said that the readers as well as the journalist must disregard the news release at the CTIA, Panasonic To Put Plasma Video Displays in Cell Phones, as the said news is entirely false. Apparently the said press release if a mere April Fools stunt gone wrong as it was released several days after the 1st of April.

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