Planex Introduces Bluetooth Phone For Tablets

With the popularity of 3G tablets, people are increasingly using it to make and receive calls. But the tablet’s size might not be quite that ideal for use as a phone. Taking calls using wired headsets may not conveniently work as well either. It may be this reason why Planex has recently introduced the BT-Phone01 for tablet PC’s.

The Planex BT-Phone01 is a Bluetooth Phone device designed for 3G tablets with Bluetooth support. It can be used to receive and make calls while the tablet is stored in a bag. No more embarrassing moments of putting your ear over your tablet to make or receive calls. The Planex BT-Phone01 is also compatible with other Bluetooth devices. It is expected to be available in the Japanese market by October of this year. This unique Bluetooth device is expected to cost around 5,000 Japanese Yen or around US$60.

Image Source: Planex

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