Plair Turns Your Dumb TV Smart

While HDTV’s have become quite common and the norm in most living rooms today, it is no longer just enough for some as newer and better models come out. Now, people have a choice between smart TV’s and dumb TV’s. People would love to have smart TV’s but it is not something that everyone can afford. One can instead get Plair to get something better out of their dumb TV.

Plair is a unique little dongle that allows people with dumb TV’s a way to stream online content to it. Plair is attached to an available HDMI port on your HDTV. When a smartphone or similar device downloads an associated app, it then allows users to stream online content such as movies, videos and other media from their WiFi enabled device and for viewing on a dumb TV using Plair.

Plair offers a simple solution for enabling dumb TV’s to accommodate online content streaming from a smartphone or other smart devices. It is a no-nonsense device that people would appreciate. Plair is expected to be available in the market sometime in late January of this year. Its price point of US$100 will make it worth checking out.

Image Source: Plair

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