Pixelstick: Take light painting to the next level



The art of light painting has fascinated many photographers and visual artists. It makes use of a single light source (like a LED-powered flashlight) that you move around while the camera captures the image with long-duration shutter speed. One startup wants to take the art to a higher level, with the help of Kickstarter.

The Pixelstick is a six-foot aluminum stick lined with 198 RGB LED lights, which twinkles in multiple colors when turned on. Move it around, while wearing black clothing, and the camera captures what looks like a floating rainbow on the street once the image is processed. Be more creative with the stick’s movement and color choices and you would get even more stunning results.

Created by Steve McGuigan and Duncan McCloud Frazier of Bitbanger Labs, the Pixelstick is powered by 8 AA batteries and can be controlled remotely using a SD-card-equipped control box.

Pixelstick graffiti

Not only this gadget can make multiple colored lights, but also flat images. The controller brings out an image (whether still JPGs or animated GIFs), which the stick wielder slowly move the Pixelstick from right to left, resulting to an enlarged visual masterpiece. You can choose which image to use for your Pixelstick, starting from opening the image file in Photoshop to saving it to the SD card.

The team has reached its $110,000 funding goal, but of course you can still back up the campaign. As of this writing, funding to manufacture and ship your very own Pixelstick has reached over $443,000 from 1,552 backers with 27 days to spare. Interested backers can pledge for at least $300 for a piece of this light stick.

Source: Kickstarter

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