PITTA Transformative Autonomous Drone

People who create videos as a hobby or for a living rely on the equipment they use in order to make quality content. That is why they end up bringing along a number of them all of the time. Doing so can be a challenge for travelers. Being able to reduce the video equipment use is truly essential. This PITTA Transformative Autonomous Drone can do just that.

The PITTA Transformative Autonomous Drone is a modular type of aerial drone that can do the work of different camera equipment. Users can use it as an aerial drone to capture captivating video footage from up above. It can also be used as an action camera, a web cam and even a security camera. Its modular design makes it possible for this portable camera to do all that. The modular setup from aerial to ground camera of the PITTA Transformative Autonomous Drone is quite easy, thanks to its Snap and Twist-to-Lock design.

What also makes the PITTA Transformative Autonomous Drone even better is its relatively small size. This drone and camera setup can fit into the palm of one’s hand. It also weighs just around 200 grams. The drone also comes with a 13MP camera and an auto-follow mode, which allows users to operate the drone for an aerial selfie and such. Small and versatile, the PITTA Transformative Autonomous Drone can be a dependable companion for the avid traveler and videographer. It is currently undergoing a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Early birds can pre-order their own kit for the PITTA Transformative Autonomous Drone. Packages can go from $269 for the early adopters up to $319 for a full kit.

Image Source: Kickstarter

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