PIQO Mini Projector

People like to be entertained most of the time. That is why today’s smartphones have become more of an entertainment device. It is no longer used mainly for making calls. Aside from that, people also like sharing what entertains them. Current phones may not always be the ideal device for sharing an entertaining photo or video to several companions at any one time. This PIQO Mini Projector might do that better.

Smallest Pico Projector
The PIQO Mini Projector may be one, if not the, smallest pico projector in the market today. It has the ability to project images and videos in brilliant, theatre-quality colors. It does so while maintaining the sharp and crisp resolution with strong color contrasts. This is made possible with the 200 ANSI lumens of projection power. Despite its size, the PIQO Mini Projector can project a viewing range of up to 240 inches in 1080p HD quality.

The PIQO Mini Projector also comes with intuitive and touch-sensitive controls that users can operate using only one finger. The touchscreen display allows users to navigate through media, apps, and other functions with a simple touch and click. This portable pico projector also comes with a fast charging battery that can provide up to 5 hours of video playtime and up to 50 hours of music time. A 15-minute charge is worth an hour of video viewing. This makes it an ideal device to have around even while on the go.

The PIQO Mini Projector also provides connectivity support for virtually any other gadgets. Whether it may be a speaker, laptop, console, or mobile device, it can easily connect with the PIQO Projector. The PIQO Mini Projector also offers up to 16GB of storage, more than enough to store your favorite movies or music files to bring with you on the go. All these you can enjoy in a device small enough to fit into the palm of your hand. The PIQO Mini Projector is now available at the PIQO website for around $399.

Image Source: PIQO

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