Piper home security and automation system on Indiegogo

Piper home security system

Piper home security system

A home security and automation system is being funded on Indiegogo as we speak, and it looks pretty in the eyes. Developed by Ottawa-based BlackSumac, Piper consists of a base unit and a companion app (available on iOS and Android) that is loaded with features and customizable options.

The main unit is as large as your average desktop computer speaker, but it is packed with different sensors that measure temperature and humidity, as well as detect motion. It also sports a user-controllable camera pod with fish-eye lens, and can even communicate with other external sensors with its Z-wave support.

Users will love its IFTTT-esque mechanism. You can customize the main unit’s tasks right from the mobile app, all dependent on what its sensors detect. For instance, you can make the Piper set the house lights on at certain times when you are not around, giving an impression that someone is inside your property. If someone other than your pet is moving inside your house, Piper automatically starts recording video clips. If you go for the cellular version, Piper can even send you a text message about the situation in your house.

Piper home security app

Piper allows as many customized tasks as possible, which you can lump together into categories for when you are on vacation, at work, or just chilling at home.

Since its launch on Indiegogo, backers have come in droves, reaching about $46,000 of its $100,000 funding goal with 28 days to spare. It is so popular, the cheapest perks are sold out, leaving you with at least $209 to shell off your wallet to back this project.

The company estimates its early delivery of the Piper system at around November 2013, that is if the campaign becomes fully-funded.

Source: TechCrunch

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