Pioneer's AVIC-F500BT GPS: Voice Control iPods & Bluetooth Cellphones

GPS voice control Pioneer

The Pioneer AVIC-F500BT is a new product that aims to combine an in-dash navigation system with a portable entertainment system geared towards providing added functions for your iPod as well as other Bluetooth enabled gadgets. This new gadget offering marks another innovation for Pioneer by developing the first hybrid navigation system that is portable yet provides the power that most in dash navigation systems offer.

The Pioneer AVIC-F500BT is first and foremost an in-car navigation system that can be integrated to virtually any car audio system. Aside from that, the Pioneer AVIC-F500BT also provides added features that cater to extending the entertainment capabilities of car audio systems without ever modifying or changing them altogether.

As a powerful navigation system, the Pioneer AVIC-F500BT comes with complete mapping data covering the area of the entire United States, Canada, Alaska as well as Hawaii. It is equipped with a 5.8 inch high resolution WVGA screen that provides mapping details in either overhead or movable 3D modes. When integrated with the car’s audio system, the Pioneer AVIC-F500BT can provide helpful audio instructions through the car’s speakers.

Aside from being a portable car navigation system, the AVIC-F500BT also works as a media center for your car. This portable media center is able to merge your portable audio and communication devices with your car audio systems. You can connect your portable audio devices to the AVIC-F500BT and make use of the car audio system to provide the sound output while you drive. There are slots available to enable different mp3 as well as iPod music players to be connected into the unit. SD memory cards containing mp3 files can also be connected onto the Pioneer AVIC-F500BT.

Another innovative feature of the AVIC-F500BT is the trademarked VoiceBox Conversational Voice Search Platform that allows car passengers to control their iPod players and other Bluetooth enabled communication devices to be control via their voice. This advanced feature allows the system to accept different elements of spoken commands. It is capable of analyzing normal and varying phrases and recognize the words to come up with the desired command.

Image Source: Pioneer

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