Pioneer SP SB23W Speaker Bar System

Pioneer Speaker BarSetting up a home theater system involves not only having a good HDTV but also a sound system that complements the visuals. Many companies have now created may sound system options to address the need to capture stereo sound when listening to music concerts or watching movies at home. Not only that, the sound system setup is made even simpler and more convenient with speaker systems like the new Pioneer SP SB23W Speaker Bar.

The new Pioneer SP SB23W Speaker Bar System provides homeowners with a simple way to add an excellent sound system into their home theater set up. The Pioneer Sound Bar is composed of a bar containing six powerful speakers driven by individual amplifiers and integrated by an active digital crossover network. It is also complemented by a wireless subwoofer to provide the bass boosting audio output.

The Pioneer Speaker Bar is encased in a genuine wood composite housing, which offers more controlled resonance to the sound output. It comes with Bluetooth support so you can synchronize your Bluetooth-enabled devices in order to use the sound bar. Based by its design and setup, the Pioneer Speaker Bar cannot provide that 3D surround sound that many audiophiles may be expecting. It might be better off if they look for a different speaker set up where positioning is important and essential. But for those who look to boost up stereo sound to complement their HDTV, having the Pioneer SP SB23W Speaker Bar will more than ideal for a convenient home theater setup. The Pioneer SP SB23W is available at Pioneer for US$400.

Image Source: Pioneer

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