Pioneer Kuro PDP-5080 HD Flat-panel TV

Pioneer Kuro PDP-5080 HD

Pioneer’s 5080 offer one of the most stunning pictures for a plasma TV. It envelops a clean image with little noise and has a deep shade of black, depicting shadows in above average detail. The screen is doesn’t reflect light and judders are removed by smooth video processing mode.

The design is minimalist and simplistic. The 50-inch screen is adorned none other than the glossy black entirety and the Pioneer logo. A matching stand is also included, allowing the removal of speaker below situated below for those who prefer an external audio system instead. The glow-in-the-dark remote control is easy to navigate with buttons for aspect ratio selection and picture mode included. The menu system is definitely user-friendly.

Resolution is 1,388 x 768 pixels, like most 50-inch plasma TVs. One of 5080’s good features is that it automatically adjusting the image that responds to the bars to either side of 4:3 broadcasts. It also has a Cable Card which can be installed in the 5080HD’s slot that lets the TV receive digital cable and channels directly.

The only drawback is that it won’t reach to everyone. Price range is from $2,250 – $3,500. This is definitely exclusive for those who are willing to spill out some money for a quality TV, and well, those who simply can afford.

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