Pioneer HDJ 500 Headphones

DJ Headphones have become quite popular nowadays not only for their stylish looks but also for their excellent audio quality. Even non-DJ’s now would want to use such headphones for simple casual listening. Pioneer has recently announced that it would be coming up with the new HDJ 500 headphones to target not only the DJ market but also users who look for that high quality pair of headphones.

The Pioneer HDJ 500 Headphones features technology that offers clear sound reproduction especially those at the low and mid frequency ranges which are usually sounds used in remixing songs. It combines 40mm diameter drivers, a thick 19micrometer diaphragm and a CCAW (copper clad aluminum wire) voice coil to reproduce better quality audio on the low frequency range.

Even comfort is not neglected in the new Pioneer HDJ 500 Headphones. Comfortable urethane pads are used for the ears to allow the headphones to mold on the users head and ears for a slip-resistance and comfortable fit. And for specific DJ’ing use, the right earpiece features a rotating arm structure that allows users to rotate it forward or back by as much as 60 degrees to allow DJ’s to listen from just one side of the headphones. The Pioneer HDJ 500 Headphones will be available in November of this year and is expected to cost around US$125.

Image Source: Pioneer

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